“In the American city of Montana, thousands of snow geese perished after they had been forced by a snowstorm to land in toxic water full of heavy metals. The lake, unknown to the geese, was a flooded coppermine. Eye-witnesses say that the mine looked like 283 hectares of white birds.”


Writers Vincent van Meenen and Line Pillet and illustrators Charlotte Severeyns and Dieter De Schutter tell the tale of the tragedy that occured in Montana in November 2016. The unfortunate death of the animal forms the central theme of this first book of poetry. To emphasize the fragility of this story, the choice was made to bind each copy by hand, available in limited edition. The visual poem PLUIMGEWICHT is numbered and self-published.


The book presentation was organized in the Oude Beurs in Antwerp. During a period of three weeks, the audience could discover the book in the shape of an exposition where the illustrations and poems were the point of focus. The public showing was presented by radiomaker Pat Donnez and musician Aiko Devriendt. They brought the poems to life by means of musical storytelling.

Order your numbered copy below. The cost price for a hand bound booklet is € 25.


This project was realized in collaboration with KOP.