“In the American city of Montana, thousands of snow geese perished after they had been forced by a snowstorm to land in toxic water full of heavy metals. The lake, unknown tot the geese, was a flooded coppermine. Eye-witnesses say that the mine looked like 283 hectares of white birds.”


The makers Maika Garnica, Inne Eysermans, Aiko Devriendt and Axel Goosens translated the poetry collection PLUIMGEWICHT into sound and sculpture. Musicians Inne Eysermans and Aiko Devriendt made sound recordings of a an old stone quarry and combined the sounds with the ceramic sculptures of Maika Garnica. Visual artist Axel Goosens designed delicate, paper sculptures of the drowned geese. He based himself on hunting scenes portrayed by painter Jan Weenix. The result of DWAALGAST, a concert, an interactive music installation and exposition, was shown at the Oude Beurs in Antwerp.